oc trash

oh um sudden low spoons i’m going to stop being on skype convos for a bit sorry.

you shouldn’t be asking ur followers u should be asking the experts

you know yesterday i was worried because you had heard about my harry potter oc and i didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of you.

fozfens replied to your post: how do i learn how to skateboard witho…

pull one of those stunts from 90s movies where kids have a weird feverdream before a test where they go ~back to the past~ or something but instead u just go to the 90s and learn to skate from cool ppl

how do i learn how to skateboard without embarrassing myself in front of people.

actually okay that post was mostly inspired atm because i read something about the ‘hypersexualization of moc’ and my immediate response was ‘not all men of color’ and.

there’s a bit of my existence that is constantly infuriated by people who use ‘poc’ as a catchall in discussions of marginalization and institutionalized racism that affect only a certain group.


Specific Rim

It’s just two and a half hours of newt correcting people on kaiju facts